Patients who are unhappy with the look or form of their gums talk to us at Brookshire Dental. When discussing how to enhance their smile, the majority of individuals typically contemplate procedures like tooth whitening, but the condition of the gums also has a big impact. Call (281)-377-6666 to make an appointment with our dental office if you believe yours are too big or have shrunk and are now too little. We can assess you, offer suggestions, and inform you as to whether we can help you or if you need to see a professional at Brookshire, Katy, Hurst TX.

Enhance Your Smile with Cosmetic Gum Surgery in Brookshire

Correcting a "gummy smile," in which too much gum tissue is visible when you smile and gives the impression that your teeth are shorter than they are, is one of the most popular reasons for getting cosmetic gum surgery. To display more of your teeth and provide a more even and appealing smile, the excess gum tissue will either be removed or reshaped during this process.

There can be, but you will be medicated during the procedure, which will reduce the likelihood of you feeling any pain. The amount of pain depends on how much gum tissue is being cut away, shaped, or grafted. Additionally, the type of dental tools in the procedure will impact what your gums feel like afterward. Currently, dentists are using both scalpels and lasers to complete gum procedures.

Receding gums, on the other hand, can also be a problem since they can expose the tooth's base, which can cause discomfort and an uneven gum line. By transferring gum tissue from one area of the mouth to the damaged area, cosmetic gum surgery can solve this problem and restore a balanced and healthy gum line.

Gum tissue that is uneven or asymmetrical can also cause self-consciousness. By ensuring that your gums match the overall aesthetic of your teeth, cosmetic gum surgery can help you achieve harmony and balance in your smile.

Why Choose Brookshire Dental for Cosmetic Gum Surgery

The goal of cosmetic gum surgery, sometimes referred to as periodontal plastic surgery or gingival surgery, is to improve the appearance of your smile by reshaping and recontouring the gum tissue that surrounds your teeth. Traditional dentistry typically focuses on the strength and functionality of teeth, but cosmetic gum surgery goes a step further by addressing the look of your gums and how they frame your teeth. We at Brookshire provide the best Cosmetic gum surgery in Hurst, Katy, TX. Cosmetic gum surgery has advantages that go beyond appearances. Your general quality of life can be improved and your self-confidence increased by changing the appearance of your smile. A trained periodontist or dental surgeon should be consulted to decide the best course of action for your particular circumstances. Having the smile you've always wanted is now easier to get thanks to developments in dental technology and procedures.