Welcome to Pediatric Dental Specialists, Brookshire Texas - Without them, kids won’t experience the lifelong benefits of building a relationship with their dentist and a commitment to oral hygiene.

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We think that dental treatments can and should be enjoyable! We're parents, too, and we understand how vital it is for your children to be thrilled about going to the dentist. When kids have favorable experiences early on, they are more likely to take good care of their teeth for the rest of their lives. We've been giving the families we serve an exceptional experience and going above and beyond to make your stay enjoyable. Call us right now at ( 281-377-6666 ), in Brookshire, Katy, Hurst, and the surrounding area of TX.

Your child's 20 baby teeth will usually show up between the ages of six and nine months, however, it may occur as early as six months of age or as late as twelve months in certain situations. The two lower front teeth emerge first, followed by the two higher front teeth. The canines (eye teeth) come in next, followed by the first molars. During this time, your child may suffer teething discomfort. If this is the case, there are steps you may take to make your kid more comfortable. After each meal, gently clean your infant's gums and freshly growing teeth. You may do this using moist gauze pads or a washcloth. Establish a regular brushing routine beginning at the age of two, when there are more teeth in the mouth. Help your child with daily tooth brushing until they are about six years old

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Recognize that no two children are alike. Treatment recommendations are given based on the specific problems of each kid.
Provide free second opinions. Please come visit us if your kid has been referred for therapy. Often, we may provide alternatives that are less expensive and simpler for the youngster.
With a fantastic team of physicians, hygienists, assistants, and administrative staff, provide outstanding treatment and customer service in a pleasant setting. Best Pediatric Dentistry in Brookshire
Use only the best quality dental materials, all of which are created in the United States and are FDA-approved.

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We believe it is critical to develop your child's ideal oral health foundation and habits early in life, but we'll show you how enjoyable and simple children's dentistry can be! We aim for open dialogue with patients and their parents to jointly make the best option for your kid. We anticipate many years of dental Pass together! Bring your children to the best pediatric dentist in town. Call Now! ( 281-377-6666 )

We take delight in providing the best pediatric dentistry procedures at Brookshire Dental, Hurst, TX, ensuring your child's oral health is in capable hands. Our staff of dentists understands the special needs of young patients and is committed to providing a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for children to receive high-quality dental care. We endeavor to make every visit to the dentist a joyful and informative experience for your child, using our expertise and sensitive approach. Choose us for the best pediatric dentistry in Brookshire, Katy, and Sealy Texas.